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YAESU FT-857 EN FT-897

The Yaesu FT-897 and FT-857 transeivers have the ability to connect to SWR/signal strength/modulation/power/ALC/voltagemeter. These meters are on the market for a few years. This involves a relatively simple device, which consists of a moving-coil meter, and a variable resistor, it is a little project which is simple to make.
After a little search on the web, I came by a radio amateur from England. He also has created such a meter, complete with a drawing of a scale.

I made a prototype to test a few things and I must say, it works well. It is particularly useful for PSK connections. I have the tranceiver on SWR and the external meter displays the PSK modulation.

What do we need;

panel meters 100μh,
a box where the meter fits,
a variable resistor of 100k?,
a small plug and 3.5mm
a piece 2aderige cable.

We need to replace the original scale for a custom fit and design with the correct measurements.

An example can be downloaded from the FRAG PROJECTS page.
Click here to see the file on the scale. This is a Word document with a layout of the scale which can be used. With the corners reduced/enlarged, you can scale the image to the proper size.

Solder the parts as scheduled above together and insert the plug into the provided slot. This slot is located at the bottom of the FT-897, right of the VFO dial.

Turn the VFO knob on FS (menunumber 060). Turn the potentiometer at full scale (40db).
TX is set in menunumber 060 and the RX in menunumber 061.

Required parts:

100μh panel meter (Hope Sun PM-1)
100k? setpoint
3.5mm mono plug
bit 2 core cable
greenhouse where the gauge fits nicely into

The total cost are about € 25 (depending on the cabinet to be used).

Click here for more scales

Good luck with the project!

Alfred Span / PA7AL


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